The event is an ultra-marathon, which means it is a long-distance race that covers more than the traditional marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers. The event aims to promote local tourism, culture, and landscape of the district. The event will showcase the natural beauty of the Sailung area, which is known for its scenic trails, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. The event will attract runners and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world to participate and explore the region. 



The Sailung Ultra takes place in the beautiful Ramechhap district of Nepal, offering stunning views of the Himalayas and a challenging course for runners of all levels. The race features two distances:


55K: This is the flagship ultramarathon distance, with an elevation gain of 3,000 meters and a maximum altitude of 3,142 meters. The course starts in Salleri, a charming town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, and winds its way through traditional villages, rhododendron forests, and meadows. Runners will encounter a variety of terrain, including single-track trails, jeep tracks, and even some paved sections.


25 km: This is a shorter and less challenging option, but it is still a demanding course with an elevation gain of 1,500 meters and a maximum altitude of 2,500 meters. The course starts and finishes in Salleri, and it follows a similar route to the 55 km race, but with some shortcuts and easier sections.

Sailung Ultra 2024

Registration open for the 2024 edition!

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